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Bridal Consult

The best time to book your consultation, would be 6 to 9 months prior to the wedding day (if time permits). When appointments are booked in advanced, we can thoroughly discuss a skin care routine, which will ensure your makeup consultation goes well and on the day of your wedding, you skin is prepared. 


During the consultation, it is strongly recommended for the bride to bring a picture of their dress, accessories, or photos of the accessories, and any other items/photos related to the wedding theme. The more information given, the better the artist can tailor and prepare for a unique and elegant appearance.


Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Credit Card, Bank Check, Money Order, Venmo. We do not accept PayPal.

A 50% non refundable retainer for services is required for all services which is deducted from the price of the service(s). 

Work area

Please have work space free and ready to perform the makeup services prior to my arrival.In a well lit area with an outlet.  Please keep small children and animals away from the work area. 

late fee

Clients are granted a 15 minute grace period from appointment time. After the 15 minute grace period, there will be a late fee and/or cancellation of appointment. This is to ensure that all clients are serviced on time. 

Travel fee

FacesbyCarmilla is a 100% mobile beauty business. Depending on location, a travel fee may apply.

outside of business hours fee

Appointments before 7:00am or after 8:00pm, will be an additional fee


FacesbyCarmilla does require all clients to fill out a contract form with an allergy, photo and eyelash waiver. 

Partial Services

We does not offer partial services such as "eyes only", "foundation only" or "lashes only". Please refer to our services menu for our current offerings. 


Please be showered prior to scheduled appointment. If you are receiving hair services, please be sure hair is dry. Also, please wear a button down or wide neck top as to not disturb the makeup once it is complete. 


Love is love! LGBTQ weddings are welcome!


Airbrush services are available upon request and will incur an extra fee. 

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