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Due to these unprecedented times, Cunny Studio's has taken the time out to re-evaluate our current safety, sanitation and disinfection guidelines to ensure every client experience is safe. Every artist has gone through additional COVID-19 training, to ensure we are abreast of all the current data on this virus and reduce transmission. Below are the current guidelines we will be following; please check back frequently as they will change as the mandates and regulations change per the Governor and reopening guidelines. 



We will be utilizing a no touch greeting to limit contact; please understand it’s not personal and we love you all just the same.


All talent/clients will be required to sign a waiver of release of liability or risk related to Covid-19. Talent/clients under 18 will need to have a waiver signed by their legal parent/guardian prior to receiving services.


Upon entry into the makeup area, client/talent temperatures will be checked, wellness questions will be asked, and hands need to be washed or sanitized. 

  • If the client/talent presents a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms, no service(s) will be performed.


Clients must wear face mask properly upon entering the makeup area and must be worn in the makeup chair, until the artist is ready to start the service. If you do not have one, one will be provided at an extra cost of $5.


No food or beverages allowed in the makeup area as the mask must remain on at all times unless removed to perform part of the service


Please limit personal items that are brought into the makeup area.


Mask will be removed for skincare application, lip and complexion products. The remainder of the service mask will be worn. Please limit talking during this time.


No cellphone usage during service that includes texting.

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